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Roofing Ballina

APR Plumbing & Roofing provides plumbing and roofing services in Ballina and the areas surrounding it. We are experienced professionals who are fully licensed to provide roof materials, service and installation, including;


  • Re-roofing – Replacing a roof is not just a matter of giving your home a makeover. You need it to ensure the safety of your home too. An old, dilapidated roof could collapse injuring someone or cause damage to the building itself. Replacing your roof addresses this issue and increases the resale value of your home.
  • Roof Plumbing – Roof plumbing is a trade that requires both qualifications and the relevant license. Don’t risk damaging the value of your house by using someone who isn’t qualified, call us instead and get the job done properly.
  • Downpipes – Weather in Australia can be unpredictable and sometimes the rain can be torrential. That’s why you need sufficient downpipes to handle the amount of rainwater otherwise it can damage the roof or your house.


Safety and customer satisfaction – our first priority

Our professional team are fully licensed and experienced which means we can provide you roofing solutions that meet industry standards and are installed safely. We ensure that every job is done properly and meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations.


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