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Re-Roofing / Roof Replacement

An old roof can make your house look tired and dilapidated which may be decreasing the value of your home if you're trying to sell it. Rusted metal or cracked tiles may be causing leaks that are affecting the structural integrity of the building or even attracting pests and insects.

Replace it With a New One

Replacing your old roof with a new metal roof will provide you with a secure and durable roof that is low maintenance, long lasting and visually attractive. A new roof is like a facelift for a house and increases the street appeal of your home. At APR Plumbing & Roofing we can also take care of all your guttering and downpipe requirements. 


Safety is a Priority

When replacing a roof, safety is a major concern as the work performed is done at dangerous heights so tethered ropes and scaffolds may be required. The materials themselves are often very sharp and heavy so this further increases the risks. The roof cavaty contains potentially hidden electrical wires and plumbing so the utmost care is required.


APR Plumbing & Roofing has a proven history of providing quality workmanship with exceptional service. At APR Plumbing & Roofing we can help you to breathe new life into your old home and increase it's value. Give us a call on 0427 128 978 or contact us to discuss your re-roofing / roof replacement requirements.